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The Photography of Edna Anderson Speaks Scottsville

Edna Anderson started here interest in photography at the age of 16 and has never stopped her eyes observing & finger clicking when she thinks she has the right moments of capture. It's like being on a hunt for what is interesting to look at, to admire naturally, having others enjoy the same moments she has. Like most of life it has to be really interesting to us for us to see (or listen). Today she's an octogenarian using her Canon Sureshot camera. Her first camera was an old Brownie camera, which was a square camera. The photos that came back developed were also square. It was actually her mother's Brownie Camera.

She has so many photos. The first pic I saw on top of stack was a field of poppies taken where Bill and Bonnie Cooper used to live before the took off to retire. She showed me a variety of subjects such as cooks barbqueing hogs, a pic of Edna pretending she was in jail at the downtown jail house for a fundraiser, lots of landscapes, Rock island, UVA, Buckingham stuff, foggy days, mountains, and people she had met or knew.

To someone who is not familiar with her work, she is well known as the photographer that took the aerial shot of the Horseshoe Bend with downtown peeking upward (or is it us looking downward?). Anyone that has attended a meeting of the Town Council would notice a large print of the pic behind where the Council members sit in their chairs. And when a Member retires (or doesn't get re-elected like me), they receive a printof this photo with a plaque saying something like this: "With great appreciation for two years of service as a member of the Scottsville Town Council." Of course Edna remembers the day she took that shot. She was driven around by her brother-in-law Howard Anderson, who started as young as she did in her field so that made her feel comfortable. Otherwise she was scared to death to ride in the sky. From this point though, she took a lot of trips in the sky to take other photos for other people and for UVA with the pilot Gary Gibson. This was years before anyone even thought of Google Maps taking over the sky and maps.

She started looking for an envelope marked Aerial.....so I joined in looking through some boxes to see if I could spot it. We spent an hour talking and never found that envelope. She is not a digital photographer, nor does she do her own developing......She has always relied on others do do the processing and printing. As she said, "I'm computer illiterate."

Written by Bebe Williams

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